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[Translation] Diabolik Lovers Volume 1: Sakamaki Ayato
SukunaHikona, Shirogane Naoto
Diabolik Lovers is a collaboration project between Otomate, Rejet and Nico Nico Douga. One of the project is a serialization of six drama cds, one every month. Basically the drama (and upcoming otome game) is about a girl who is in mercy of six vampire brothers who are also her schoolmates (three of them are triplet and the oldest one repeat a year). The problem is, all of them are Do-S (Sadistic). And for volume one we have Ayato (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru), one of the triplets. Ore-sama type who love sport and hate study. 

Note: This drama only consist one but long track, about 45 minutes, and so this post will be a long one.


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Remember 11 -End-
SukunaHikona, Shirogane Naoto
Just finished Satoru's good end from Remember 11...... IT REALLY #@$%$!!!! Note that I didn't say it bad, in fact, it's opposite. The game itself very good. During question arc (Kokoro good end), the story runs well. The mystery goes smoothly. In Satoru's arc, at beginning it also very good. One by one mystery added while another mystery solved. The biggest problem is, why they must stop it there? MANY big mysteries remain unsolved. For example, about Satoru itself. WHO is him, WHY he is in SPHIA and WHAT is his connection with the transfer machine and Enomoto? Then, about Hotori and Keiko. Is it TRUE that Inubushi Keiko already dead? What is the meaning of her words? What kind of girl is Suzukage Hotori? Furthermore, about the SPHIA, why Utsumi in the first place allowed to work there, near Inubushi Keiko that killed her only son? Then, who is "a"? Where is actually the third place? Who is the girl that appeared in prologue? What is the actual connection between Satoru and Kokoro?

Well, to sum it, the game is pretty good. With walkthrough you can completely finished it in about 2 weeks (I played it about 2-3 hours a day). I like the seiyuu, especially Satoru's seiyuu. At first, sometimes I feel it strange, Takehito Koyasu (Satoru) speak in woman (Kokoro) body.....
The BGM also good. The only minus point is that this game incomplete. Even with 100% complete, you still won't understand the mystery, since so many things (and important ones, too) left unsolved. Well, even so I didn't regeret spend my times for it. Just a little disappointed, tough. Next, I want to play Ever 17. It said to be better than Remember 11 (That's the reason why I play Remember 11 first, so that I won't be disappointed with the decreasing qulity).

Er..... First Post?
SukunaHikona, Shirogane Naoto
This is my first post in Livejournal after..... one year, I think? Cause I still not have anything to write, I'll end up here. I'll write more seriously next time, I promise :)


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